Trivia Question 8/18/2011 Happy Birthday Helium


Happy birthday Helium!  On August 18, 1868, French astronomer Jules Janssen first observed an unknown spectral signature in sunlight while observing a solar eclipse.

In what year were large reserves of natural Helium first identified in the United States?





While it is the second most abundant element in the universe, Helium is relatively rare on earth.

After an oil drilling operation in Dexter, Kansas, produced a gas geyser that would not burn, geologists analyzing the gas found that a percentage was Helium.  This showed that despite its overall rarity on Earth, helium was concentrated in large quantities under the American Great Plains, available for extraction as a byproduct of natural gas.

This discovery took place in 1903 and enabled the United States to become the world’s leading supplier of helium.


We had a total of 29 check-ins to the Net tonight and 6 people got the correct answer to the Trivia Question.

Congratulations to the following folks who got the answer correct:

  • KI6GRC — Nacho
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  • W6TCB — Kevin
  • AF6TT — Leon
  • WA6USL — Murray

Thanks to everyone for checking in and supporting the net!


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