Trivia Question 8/25/11 Inventions


Ernie Fraze of Dayton Ohio invented this thing in 1959, received a patent for it in 1963, and you more than likely have used it many, many times – probably when it’s cold.  What was Ernie’s Invention?

Ernie Fraze


The Pop Top Aluminum Can


Ermal Fraze, born in Indiana in 1913 and better known as “Ernie,” grew up on a farm and moved to Ohio where he found tool and die work.   In 1949 he established his own company, the Reliable Tool and Manufacturing Co., in Dayton.

By 1959, Fraze had built a modestly successful enterprise with clients including General Electric, Ford, Chrysler and even NASA, but his most lucrative invention was still to come. That year, while at a picnic with family and friends, he realized he had forgotten to bring an opener for the canned beverages at the event so he was forced to use a car bumper to pry them open. He got to thinking of possible solutions to the problem that would eliminate the need for a can opener in the future.  This led him to invent the Pop Top Aluminum Can.


We had 33 check in’s to the Net tonight but only two came close to answering the trivia question correctly.  Both said the answer was the modern beer can and, that’s close enough!  Congratulations to:

  • KJ6HQI — Andres
  • W6TCB — Kevin

Thanks to everyone who checked in and participated in tonight’s net.

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