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Trivia Question 9/29/11 – Billionaires

John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller in 1885


On this date in history, September 29, 1916, John D. Rockefeller became the first man to achieve a personal wealth of one billion dollars.  Of course, a billion dollars isn’t what it used to be.  According to Forbes, as of March 2011, how many Americans have a net wealth of at least one billion dollars?


Trivia Question 9/22/11 – National Geographic

1915 National Geographic Magazine

1915 National Geographic Magazine


The first edition of the National Geographic Magazine was published on this date in 1888. With a worldwide circulation, more than 50 million people read the magazine every month.  How many languages is the National Geographic published in?


Heathkit’s Amateur Radio Plans Taking Shape

Heathkit Heathkit Educational Systems hopes to reenter the Amateur Radio market by the end of 2011. Back in August, Heathkit announced its return to the kit business and actively solicited suggestions. The response from Amateur Radio operators convinced Heathkit to develop several Amateur Radio products.

Ernie Wake, director, Marketing/Sales, told the ARRL:

“When we made the announcement on our web page about a month ago we had no intention of entering the Amateur Radio kit market. The response was really overwhelming, exciting and scary. The scary part is that the brand name has so much loyalty that we don’t want to disappoint the people who have such fond memories.

“We are working on developing a few Amateur Radio kits. Initially, the kit line will include a few ‘accessories’ like kits for a Dual Watt Meter, Antenna Tuners and the Cantenna. Once we are a little more ‘settled’ I think we will develop a QRP receiver. We won’t rush to market just to get there. We want to develop a line of kits in the tradition of Heathkit. I’m hoping to have one-two kits by the end-of-the-year.”

From:  ARRL


Trivia Question 9/15/11 – Moon Landings


On September 13, 1959, the first human made object made contact with the surface of the moon. That was the Soviet Union’s Luna 2 which crashed into the moon at high speed.  In 1962 the United States reached the moon when Ranger 4 impacted the lunar surface.  Of course through the years there have been many moon landings including six manned landings.

Since the first moon contact in 1959, how many man-made objects have reached the surface of the moon, either crashing into it or making soft landings?


Trivia Question 9/8/11 – Star Trek


The original Star Trek TV Series starring William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk and  Leonard Nimoy as Spock made it debut on this date, September 8th 1966.  How many episodes of the original series were made?


Ham Radio Estate Sale September 17-18

Western Museum of Flight Ham Radio Estate Sale

Proceeds Benefit the Museum

HF transceivers, kw linear amplifiers, antenna rotors, control units, tuners, coax switches, kw dummy loads, kw filters, mobile mag mounts, VHF/UHF handhelds with batteries, chargers, keys and keyers, 13.8 vdc power supplies, Heathkits, test equipment including tube checkers and many, many miscellaneous items. Even a Revo “Rascal”SC-63 electric scooter like new with battery charger and manual. Most major items include accessories and manuals.
Everything must go, no reasonable offer refused. First come, first served.

Detailed Inventory Available from Chuck at

Free Parking available in museum lot on Airport Drive immediately west of Airport General Aviation Center

3315 Airport Dr.
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 326-9544

Click here for the flyer: HamRadioEstateSale

Trivia Question 9/1/11 The First Female…


On September 1, 1878 Emma Nutt was hired as the first woman to ever hold this job.  What was the job that Emma Nutt was the first female hired to do?