Trivia Question 10/13/11 – Cell Phones


On this date in history, October 13th, the first cellular network in the United States was launched.  In what year was the first U.S. cellular telephone network established?




The first commercially automated cellular telephone network (the 1G) was launched in Japan by NTT in 1979, initially in the metropolitan area of Tokyo. Within five years, the NTT network had been expanded to cover the whole population of Japan and became the first nationwide 1G network.

In 1981, this was followed by the simultaneous launch of the Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) system in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The first 1G network launched in the USA was in Chicago by Ameritech Mobile Communications (now AT&T) in 1983 using the Motorola DynaTAC mobile phone.


A total of 29 stations checked in to the net tonight.  Of these, only 2 got the correct answer to the trivia question.  Congratulations go out to:

  • WA2RPY – Barry
  • AD6UP – Louie

Thanks to all stations who took part in tonight’s net.


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