Trivia Question 5/31/12 – Weighty Dollars

One Dollar BillQUESTION:

If ( and I DO mean IF) I had one pound of one dollar bills, how many dollars would I have?




A one dollar bill weights almost exactly 1 gram.  Since there are 454 grams in one pound, there would be $454 in my pound of dollar bills.

I think I’d rather have a pound of $20 bills ($9,080) or even better, a pound of $100 dollar bills ($45,400).


A total of 32 people checked into the Net this week and 6 of those got the correct answer to the Trivia Question.

Congratulations go out to:

  • John – KD6JEV
  • David – KJ6SZW
  • Timothy – KJ6TIG
  • Leon – AF6TT
  • Louie – AD6UP
  • Murray – WA6USL

Thanks to everyone for supporting the Net.

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