Trivia Question 6/7/12 – Presidential Firsts

BaseballThis week marks the anniversary of when a President of the United States first attended a major league baseball game while in office.


In what year did this occur?




Benjamin Harrison (the 23rd President) became the first President to attend a major league baseball game when he watched part of a game where the Washington Senators lost to the Cincinnati Reds (7-4) on June 6, 1891 . The park in Washington, D.C. where President Benjamin Harrison saw his first presidential game was called Boundary Field.  A few weeks later,  President Harrison attended his second game and becomes the first U.S. President to attend two Major League baseball games while in office.


A total of 35 people checked into the Net tonight and none of those had the answer of 1891. Congratulations to:

  • Nobody!

Actually, the correct answer is 1892.  I gave out the wrong answer on purpose tonight to see if anyone would complain and to see how many of those looked up the right answer on the Internet.  Ha ha.  I’m a funny guy.  Congratulations to the following people who likely looked up the answer on the Internet!:

  • Brian — K6FIN
  • John — KD6JEV
  • Thomas — KE6MSS
  • Timothy — KJ6TIG
  • Louie — AD6UP

Thanks to all who checked into the Net!

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