Trivia Question 7/19/12 — Female Firsts


On This Day In History…  On July 19, 1984, Lynn Rippelmeyer became the first woman to do this in an airplane.  What did Lynn do?


Serve as a 747 Jumbo Jet captain on a transatlantic crossing.


Lynn Rippelmeyer began her career in aviation as a TWA flight attendant in 1972. After taking lessons to become qualified, she became TWA’s second female pilot in 1978. She was part of the first all-female crew for a scheduled US carrier.  She was also the first woman to fly a Boeing 747.

Lynn Rippelmeyer


On July 18, 1984 she was in the left seat as captain of People Express Airlines flight #2. It departed Newark International Airport and landed on July 19th at London Gatwick airport, making her the first woman to captain the 747 “Jumbo Jet” across the Atlantic ocean.

She has been honored with her uniform being placed in the Smithsonian Institution, being named as Woman of the Year in England (1984), and being featured in a BBC documentary, Reaching for the Skies.


Tonight, 30 people checked into our Net and of those, nobody had the correct answer to the Trivia Question.  We will give partial credit to folks who said she was the first woman to fly a 747 – because she was.  Congratulations to:

  • John – KD6JEV
  • Thomas – KE6MSS
  • Leon – AF6TT

And tonight’s most creative answer goes to Khalil, K6FCC who said Lynn was the first woman to fly a jumbo jet while playing ping pong. (I wonder who was the first guy to do that?)

Thank you to everyone!

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