Trivia Question 7/26/12 — Oldest City

Old CityThe United States is the third largest country in the world based on land area with a total of more than 3 – 1/2 million square miles. It also has a population of more than 313 million people (July 2011 estimate) and it is divided into 50 states and hundreds of different cities. Initially the United States was made up of the original 13 colonies. However there were cities in the country long before its founding in 1776 and the formation of the 13 colonies.


Although it is not the oldest city in the United Sates, founded in 1607 and still around today, what is the oldest city west of the Mississippi River?


Santa Fe, NM


Thirteen years before Plymouth Colony was settled by the Mayflower Pilgrims, Santa Fe, New Mexico, was established with a small cluster of European type dwellings. It would soon become the seat of power for the Spanish Empire north of the Rio Grande. Santa Fe is the oldest capital city in North America and the oldest European community west of the Mississippi.

While Santa Fe was inhabited on a very small scale in 1607, it was truly settled by the conquistador Don Pedro de Peralta in 1609-1610. Santa Fe is the site of both the oldest public building in America, the Palace of the Governors and the nation’s oldest community celebration, the Santa Fe Fiesta, established in 1712 to commemorate the Spanish reconquest of New Mexico in the summer of 1692.

The city has been the capital for the Spanish “Kingdom of New Mexico,” the Mexican province of Nuevo Mejico, the American territory of New Mexico (which contained what is today Arizona and New Mexico) and since 1912 the state of New Mexico. Santa Fe, in fact, was the first foreign capital over taken by the United States, when in 1846 General Stephen Watts Kearny captured it during the Mexican-American War.


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