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Trivia Question 9/20/2012 – Space Shuttle Endeavour

Space Shuttle EndeavourWell, the Space Shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles tomorrow on the back of a 747 and this will mark the last time a Space Shuttle flies.  It will be flown around L.A. before landing at LAX where it will be prepared to be transported to the California Science Center in downtown Los Angeles in mid-October. So, with all the hoopla about the Shuttle going on now, I thought I’d give you a trivia question about it.

The Endeavour was the fifth and final space worthy NASA space shuttle to be built, constructed as a replacement for Challenger. Endeavour first flew in May 1992 and its last mission was in May 2011. In all, during its 19 years of service, it flew 25 missions carrying 148 crew members and spent more than 296 days in space.


How many total orbits of the Earth did the Space Shuttle Endeavour make during its time in space?

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