Trivia Question 9/6/12 — The Republic of Texas

Republic of TexasOn (almost) this date in history… On September 5th 1836, Sam Houston became the first elected president of the Republic of Texas.


How many presidents did the Republic of Texas have during its existence?




The Republic of Texas was an independent sovereign state which existed from March 2, 1836, to February 19, 1846. Formed as a separate nation after gaining independence from Mexico in 1836, the republic claimed borders that included all of the present US state of Texas as well as parts of present-day Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

In the midst of the Texas Revolution, Texan settlers elected delegates to the Convention of 1836, which issued the Texas Declaration of Independence and elected David G. Burnet as interim president of the new country.  The Republic of Texas Constitution specified a term of two years for the first elected President (Sam Houston) and terms of three years thereafter; the President could not succeed himself, but there were otherwise no term limits.

Here’s the list of Republic of Texas Presidents:

  1. David G. Burnet (interim) March 16, 1836 to October 22, 1836
  2. Sam Houston October 22, 1836 to December 10, 1838
  3. Mirabeau B. Lamar December 10, 1838 to December 13, 1841
  4. Sam Houston (2nd term) December 13, 1841 to December 9, 1844
  5. Anson Jones December 9, 1844 to February 19, 1846

So, while 4 men served as President, there were 5 Presidents of the Republic of Texas.


Tonight a total of 29 people checked into the Net and 4 of them had the correct answer to the Trivia Question.  Congratulation go out to:

  • W6ELL – Jim
  • K6FCC – Khalil
  • KI6LOV – Steve
  • KJ6VTV – Ross

Thanks to everyone who checked into the Net tonight.

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