Trivia Question 10/4/12 – Dick Tracy

2-Way Wrist RadioWell, a big 10-4 to everyone on “10-4 Day” — the day when every message is understood. And, also today, we say Happy Birthday Dick Tracy!

On this day in history, October 4, 1931, the Dick Tracy comic strip created by Chester Gould made its debut in the Detroit Mirror. 81 years later, Detective Dick Tracy is still fighting crime in the comic strips.


Dick Tracy made his first appearance in 1931. In what year did Tracy’s famous 2-Way Wrist Radio first appear?




The communications device, worn as a wristwatch by Tracy and members of the police force, became one of the strip’s most immediately recognizable icons. Gould changed Dick Tracy forever with the introduction of the 2-Way Wrist Radio on January 13, 1946.

The 2-Way Wrist Radio was upgraded to a 2-Way Wrist TV in 1964.

In 1987 Tracy was given a more advanced tool — the 2-Way Wrist Computer.

And just for fun, here’s a TV commercial from the 1960’s for the Dick Tracy Two-Way Wrist Radio:


We had a total of 28 people check in to the Net tonight. Of those, 5 had the correct answer to tonight’s Trivia Question.  Congratulations to:

  • KE6CZH – Robert
  • KD6GZE – Chuck
  • AF6TT – Leon
  • AD6UP – Louie
  • WA6USL – Murray

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to check in to the Net!

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