Trivia Question 11/8/12 – Units of Measure

Units of MeasureMost of us know that there’s 4 quarts to a gallon, 3 feet to a yard, and 16 ounces to a pound.


In standard U.S. dry measure, how many pecks in a barrel?




A peck is a United States customary unit of dry volume.

1 US peck = 14 of a US bushel
= 2 US dry gallons
= 8 US dry quarts
= 16 US dry pints
= 537.605 cubic inches
= 8.80976754172 litres
1.93788 imperial gallons
310.060 imperial fluid ounces

A US dry barrel is defined from the standard barrel where the length of the stave is 2812 inches, the diameter of head is 1718 inches, the distance between heads is 26 inches, and the circumference of the bulge 64 inches. Do the math and that is equal to 7,056 cubic inches.

Anyway… according to the online converters I found,there are exactly 13.124877932 pecks in 1 barrel.  (In 1 fluid barrel there are 13.535 pecks, but I asked about DRY measure).


We had a total of 39 people check into tonight’s Net and 6 of those had the correct answer (and probably cheated and looked it up!).  Congrats to:

  • Dave – KJ6IJQ
  • Alex – KJ6JXL
  • Andy – N6KAS
  • Thomas – KE6MSS
  • Leon – AF6TT
  • Murray – WA6USL

A big thanks to everyone who checked into the Net tonight.


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