Trivia Question 11/29/12 — A Bucket o’ Nickels

Bucket of Nickels

Bucket of Nickels

Well, we took a week off last week for Thanksgiving, but we’re back at it tonight.


I’ve got a bucket filled with 10 pounds of nickels. How much money do I have in dollars and cents?




Let’s do the math:  One nickel weighs 5 grams.  There are approximately 453.6 grams in one pound. That means it takes 90.72 nickels to make one pound, so 10 pounds equals 907 nickels. At 20 nickels to the dollar, that means 10 pounds of nickels is $45.35 worth of nickels.


We had a total of 32 people check into the Net tonight.  No one had the exact correct answer, but the win goes to the closest answer without going over (Price is Right rules) which was:

  • Leon, AF6TT, who said $45.00

Runner up:

  • Bill, KG6DBL, who said $44.45

And closest, but he went over:

  • Phil, K6MUG, who said $45.45

Thanks to everyone for checking in to the Net.

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