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Trivia Question 2/14/13 – The Last Switchboard

SwitchboardToday is Valentine’s Day, a day when a lot of people probably make a lot of phone calls to distant loved ones.  And speaking of phones, that’s the subject of today’s trivia question.

In 1923 telephones were installed on Catalina Island with an undersea cable connecting them to the Mainland.  To make a phone call, you picked up the receiver and turned a crank on the phone to ring the operator at a switchboard.  The operator would then connect you to your party using a patch cable on the switchboard.

It turns out Catalina Island was the last site in the AT&T telephone system to do away with operator service, install dial telephones, and go to a direct dial switching system.


In what year was the last AT&T operator switchboard shut down on Catalina and the system converted to direct dial?

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