Trivia Question 3/28/13 – One Million Minutes

StopwatchTonight’s question is short and sweet.  Just don’t use the Internet or a calculator to figure it out.  Give us your best guess.


What year was it one million hours ago?




Well, I asked you not to use a calculator but, to get the correct answer, I did.  Here’s how I figured it out:

There are 24 hours in one day… so 1,000,000 divided by 24 is 41,666.66 days.

There are 365.25 days in one year… so 41,666.66 divided by 365.25 is 114.08 years.

This year is 2013… so 2013 minus 114 years is 1899.


Tonight we had a total of 31 people check in to the Net. of those, only two had the correct answer.  Congratulations to:

  • K6FCC – Khalil
  • KI6NN – John

Thanks to everyone who supported the Net by checking in.

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