Trivia for 8/15/13: Happy Birthday Crisco

Crisco ShorteningToday is the birthday of Crisco!  On this date in history that greasy, white vegetable shortening Crisco was introduced by the Proctor and Gamble Company.


In what year was the product Crisco first sold?




On April 12, 1837, William Proctor and James Gamble started making and selling soap and candles. Later they extended their manufacturing and marketing efforts to include lard, another product of the animal processing industry. Crisco was introduced to provide an economical alternative to animal fats and butter. Proctor and Gamble introduced the product on August 15, 1911.

Crisco, the first solidified shortening product, was made entirely of vegetable oil and a new process called hydrogenation, that produced shortening that stayed in a solid form regardless of temperature.


Tonight we had a total of 28 people check into the Net.  Of those, 5 had the correct answer to the Trivia Question.  Congratulations to:

  • John, KD6JEV
  • Gary, W6NVY
  • Roy, W6REH
  • Leon, AF6TT
  • Louie, AD6UP

Thanks to everyone who supported the Club by checking in to the Net tonight.

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