To help locate the person or persons causing intentional interference to a W6NVY Radio System repeater.

The frequency that the interference is on is 444.060 MHz.

The repeater output is 449.060 (which is a private repeater), that is used with the Thursday Evening 449.700 MHz Net.

The interference starts (daily) at 2:30 pm or 6:00 pm and goes on until 11:00 pm. The interference contains either a weak noisy signal or a synthesized voice saying all the repeater channels I have, are not for anyone else to use. This is wrong!  I own, maintain the equipment, pay the monthly site rentals, and have (open to all) 2 meter, 6 meter, and 440 MHz repeaters in the Los Angeles and Victorville Areas.

If this (or these) person(s) can be located and stopped by either the FCC, or by a lawsuit, I will gladly pay the $500.00 Reward.

This will then allow all of us to continue to enjoy our hobby.

Any information or questions, please contact:  Rich N6CIZ, via Email: n6ciz@verizon.net

or me via Email: w6nvy@earthlink.net


Gary, W6NVY System Trustee

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