Trivia Question 9/12/13 – Lassie

LassieOn this date in history…

On September 12, 1954 the TV show, Lassie, premiered and went on to become one of the longest-running television shows in history.  In all, 571 episodes were produced from 1954 until 1973.


Other than stand-ins and stunt doubles, How many dogs were used to portray Lassie during the 19 years the show was on the air?




From 1953 to 1974 Lassie was a very popular TV series in the USA. The first ten seasons followed the adventures of Lassie and his owners (including “Timmy” who was always getting into trouble and needed rescue from Lassie) in their mid-western farm. Later seasons included Lassie with adult forest workers and the series finalized with Lassie living in a home for troubled children.

Due to the longevity of the series and movies, there have been many “Lassies” in the series.

The first was a collie named “Pal” who appeared in the Lassie films and appeared in the two pilot episodes for the TV series, “Lassie”. All other TV series Lassies were played by his offspring. There were Lassie Junior, Spook, Baby, Mire, and Hey Hey.  So in all, counting the first dog used in the pilots, there were six dogs used as Lassie.

All dogs were owned and trained by brothers Frank and Rudd Weatherwax and Rudd’s son – Robert.

  • Pal (Pilot episodes)
  • Lassie Junior (1954–59)
  • Spook (1960)
  • Baby (1960–66)
  • Mire (1966–1971)
  • Hey Hey (1971–73)


Tonight, we had a total of 34 people check in to the Net.  Of those, 6 had the correct answer to tonight’s Trivia Question.  Congratulations to:

  • Bill – KG6DBL
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  • Clint – K6LCS
  • Kelly – KF6QQM

Thanks to everyone who checked in to the Net and supported us.


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