Trivia Question 10/10/2013 – Columbus Day

Christopher ColumbusNext Monday, October 14th is Columbus Day, so I thought I’d ask you a question about Christopher Columbus.  In 1492 Columbus made his first trip to find a new trading route to the Orient, and, instead, discovered the new world.  Most folks know that on that trip he took three ships, the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.


How many ships did Columbus have on his second voyage in 1493?




Christopher Columbus returned from his first voyage in March, 1493, having discovered the New World…although he didn’t know it. He still believed that he had found some uncharted islands near Japan or China, and that further exploration was needed. His first voyage had been a bit of a fiasco, as he had lost one of the three ships entrusted to him and he did not bring back much in the way of gold or other valuable items. He was still able to convince the Spanish crown to finance a second voyage of discovery and colonization.

The second voyage was to be a large scale colonization and exploration project. Included on this voyage, for the first time, were European domesticated animals such as pigs, horses and cattle. Columbus’ orders were to expand the settlement on Hispaniola, convert the natives to Christianity, establish a trading post and continue his explorations in search of China or Japan. Columbus was given 17 ships and over 1,000 men.

Columbus made a total of four trips to the New World but, until the day he died, he believed the lands he found were near Japan and China and he had found a new route to the Asia.


Tonight we had a total of 32 people check in to the Net and of those 10 had the correct answer to the Trivia Question.  Congratulations to:

  • Rich – NB6AA
  • Duane – W6DDR
  • Khalil – K6FCC
  • Riley – KK6FKL
  • Chris – KK6GNG
  • Don – KK6GOA
  • Jeff – KK6LP
  • Phil – K6MUG
  • Louie – AD6UP
  • Aram – KJ6YJS

Thanks to everyone for supporting us by checking in to the Net.


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