Trivia Question for April 10, 2014 – The Safety Pin

Safety PinOn this date in history… Walter Hunt of New York received a patent for the safety pin on this date.


In what year was the safety pin patented?




Walter Hunt, of New York, NY, received patent #6,281 for the safety pin.  Hunt’s pin was made from one piece of wire, which was coiled into a spring at one end and a separate clasp and point at the other end, allowing the point of the wire to be forced by the spring into the clasp.

The safety pin was invented while Walter Hunt was twisting a piece of wire, trying to think of something that would help him pay off a fifteen dollar debt. He later sold his patent rights to the safety pin for four hundred dollars to the man that he owed the money to.

The patent for the safety pin was granted on April 10, 1849.

Walter Hunt was extremely creative, and in 1834 he built America’s first sewing machine, which also used the first eye-pointed needle. Walter Hunt’s other inventions included: a forerunner of the Winchester repeating rifle, a flax spinner, knife sharpener, streetcar bell, hard-coal-burning stove, artificial stone, road sweeping machinery, velocipedes, ice ploughs and mail making machinery.


Tonight, we had a total of 28 people check in to the Net and, of those, 6 had the correct answer to the Trivia Question. Congratulations to:

  • Jerry – KD6JPD
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  • Bob – KB6YVA

Thank you to everyone for supporting us by checking in to the weekly Net.


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