Trivia Question for May 22, 2014 – The Metric System

Metric SystemHere in the good old U.S. we measure things by feet, gallons, pounds, and degrees Fahrenheit also known as the Imperial system of measurement.


How many countries in the world have not adopted the Metric system?




Of all the countries in the world, only three backwaters still use the archaic Imperial system of weights and measures:

Liberia, Myanmar (the country formerly known as Burma) and the United States of America.

Map of Countries that Don't Use the Metric System

Map of Countries that Don’t Use the Metric System

A number of countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom, use imperial for some things. For instance, Canada measures human heights and cooking ingredients using imperial measure. Britain measures human weight in stone (which is even more antiquated than the American standards of measurement) and road distances in miles.

Metric System in the Old West


Tonight we had a total of 41 people check in to the Net and, of those, 12 had the correct answer to tonight’s Trivia Question.  Congratulations go out to:

  • Anthony – KI6GVY
  • John – KD6JEV
  • Jerry – KD6JPD
  • Andy – N6KAS
  • Riley – KX3L
  • David – KA6LUI
  • Gary – W6NVY
  • Tim – KE6QBV
  • Leon – AF6TT
  • Louie – AD6UP
  • Murray – WA6USL
  • Bob – KJ6UVT
  • Bob – KB6YVA

Ans a big thank you to everyone for supporting us by checking in the Net.


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