Trivia Question for September 3, 2015 – The Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger and Tonto

On this date in history in 1954, the Lone Ranger radio series came to an end after 21 years and 2,956 episodes. The character of the Lone Ranger has been an important and iconic piece of American culture Even if you have never seen, read or heard anything directly dealing with the Lone Ranger and his faithful partner, Tonto, you know who they are, Kimo Sabe.

Featured in radio and TV shows, movies, and comic books, what famous crime fighter is a descendant of the Lone Ranger?


The Green Hornet (Britt Reid)

 Green Hornet and Kato


Captain Dan Reid of the Texas Rangers leads a squad to pursue legendary outlaw Butch Cavendish.  A double-crossing guide leads the Rangers into a trap. Cavendish’s gang then ambushes Reid’s squad, slaughtering the Rangers.  A “lone” Ranger miraculously survives, though — John Reid, Dan Reid’s brother.

An Indian, Tonto, comes across the site, notices John Reid barely alive, and tends to his wounds. Reid makes a mask from his brother’s vest to hide his identity from outlaws as he and Tonto begin a quest to avenge the deaths of Dan Reid and the other Rangers.

John Reid made another vow besides bringing outlaws to justice.  He vowed to take care of his brother’s wife and baby son when they arrive from the East.  Fourteen years later, they find out that his brother’s wife died in a wagon massacre but their son, the Lone Ranger’s nephew, Dan Reid, Jr., survives

The Lone Ranger and Tonto take responsibility for Dan Reid, Jr. who is also the beneficiary of the Reid family wealth rooted in a silver mine, the source for the Lone Ranger’s famous silver bullets.

We can safely presume that Dan Reid, Jr. parlayed the mine into a larger fortune — at least large enough to buy a major metropolitan newspaper, The Daily Sentinel.  Dan’s son, Britt, later becomes the newspaper’s publisher.  Britt Reid, the Lone Ranger’s grandnephew, also takes up the family crime fighting legacy as The Green Hornet.

The Lone Ranger and the Green Hornet share a corporate connection as well.  WXYZ, a Detroit radio station, originated the radio shows featuring both characters.  The Lone Ranger radio show debuted in 1933 and a spinoff, The Green Hornet radio show, followed three years later, in 1936.



Tonight we had 32 people check in to the Net and 5 people had the correct answer to the Trivia Question. Congratulations to:

  • John, KD6JEV
  • John. K6JRD
  • Joe, WS6JS
  • Kelly, KF6QQM
  • Louie, AD6UP

Thanks to all for checking in. Special thanks to Gary (W6NVY) for use of the repeater.

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