Trivia Question for January 21, 2016 – Bank Robbery

Today in Culver City, four individuals went to a bank branch and attempted to rob it.  A gun went off and the suspects fled.   Two were detained and for much of the day a dragnet was setup with door to door searches going on in various areas near the bank.

This got me to thinking a bit about the different ways there are to rob a bank, which leads us to tonight’s question.


What is the most common modus operandi used when robbing a bank? An example:  Wiley Coyote walks into a bank carrying a large anvil from the Acme Anvil company to drop on the teller who happens to look like the road runner. Threatening with an anvil would be the modus operandi he used.

From FBI’s statistics for bank robberies in the US for the year 2014.

Modus Operandi Used

Demand note Used 2,179

Firearm Used1 930

Handgun 904

Other Firearm 47

Other Weapon Used 31

Weapon Threatened 1,666

Explosive Device Used or Threatened 93

Oral Demand 2,260

Vault or Safe Theft 17

Depository Trap Device 0

Till Theft 71

Takeover 234

No one got the correct answer, note was the 2nd most common method noted above and the bandwagon for tonight.

Thanks to all that checked into the net. Special thanks to Gary (W6NVY) for use of the repeater.

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