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Trivia Question for July 28, 2016 – Balloons

Tonight Hillary Clinton makes her acceptance speech after which a balloon drop occurs with thousands of balloon falling to the convention floor from the rafters of the gathering.
A week ago tonight, Donald Trump did the same thing.

QUESTION: How many balloons were dropped at the end of Trumps acceptance speech last week at the Republican National Convention (RNC)?

Trivia Question for July 21, 2016 – Gene Autry

Many of us know Gene Autry as the singing cowboy, actor, the Angels baseball team owner, and also owner of the Melody ranch which produced westerns.
He was also active in the Rodeo world supplying livestock, from his ranch near Fowler Colorado.

How many acres did his ranch in Fowler Colorado consist of?

In 1956 Autry merged with the World Championship Rodeo Company and he became the sole owner. He moved the entire operations to a 24,000-acre (97 km2) ranch near Fowler, Colorado,

Those who got the correct answer: none

Thanks to all that checked into the net. Special thanks to Gary (W6NVY) for use of the repeater.

Trivia Question for July 7, 2016 – Colonel Sanders

Colonel Harland David Sanders known for the Kentucky fried chicken fast food passed away in Dec 16, 1980.

At the time of his death, how many estimated outlets were there and for the bonus question in how many countries?

Trivia Question for June 30, 2016 – Declaration of Independence

Tonight we asked how many signers were there to the Declaration of Independence & for a bonus question, who was the oldest?