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Trivia Question for March 30, 2017 – Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam in China is home to the worlds largest power station. Raw sewage gets dumped into the rivers and can cause problems with the water flow.

QUESTION: How many gallons of raw sewage gets dumped into the three gorges reservoir each year?

Trivia Question for March 23, 2017 – The Duke – John Wayne

The Duke.   That nickname likely is enough for most of you to know I’m referencing the actor John Wayne who’s long career as the iconic American male of his day, could almost be said to have come by accident after loosing his football scholarship to the University of Southern California.

QUESTION – What injury caused Wayne to loose his scholarship to USC?

Trivia Question for March 9, 2017 – Will Rogers Ranch

QUESTION:   Will Rogers passed away in 1935, his wife donated the ranch to the state of California in 1944. How many bedrooms did the ranch have?

Trivia Question for March 2, 2017 – Drive in theater

QUESTION: When was the drive in theater patented?

Trivia Question for February 17, 2017 – Loretta Swit

Actress Loretta Swit played Major Margaret Houlihan aka “Hot Lips” and was just one of four cast members to stay for the entire 11 season run. The series had a  total of 256 episodes.

QUESTION: In that amazing run, how many episodes was she absent from?