Trivia Question for October 26, 2017 – World Series trivia

The World Series is tied up with the Dodgers & the Astro’s tied at one game a piece. In the best of 7 series, the first team to win four games take the series.

However for tonight’s trivia question, we’re going to re-write the rules of the World Series. In our version the teams will play all seven games. Next we are going to total up all the runs each team gets for the seven game run. The team with the most runs over seven games wins!

For example, Monday the Dodgers won 3 – 1, and last night Astro’s won 7 -6 . The two game total now has the Dodgers are ahead in the series 9 – 8 at this time using this model.

So last year Chicago and Cleavland played seven games. If we were to take the total # of runs for all seven games, which team would win?


Each team scored a total of 27 runs. Under this model, the 2016 World Series would have been a tie!

Thanks to all that checked into the net. Special thanks to N6CIZ for use of the repeater.

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