Trivia 11/29/18: Pardon me?

With the latest pleas by former associates of the President in the news lately, there has been speculation that President may simply pardon them as part of the deal. The power to pardon is granted to the President of the United States by Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution; the only limits being that pardons are limited to federal offenses, and that they cannot affect an impeachment process:


Our question for tonight is which US President has issued the most pardons?


Democratic President Andrew Johnson pardoned about 7,000 people in the “over $20,000” class by May 4, 1866. More than 600 prominent North Carolinians were pardoned just before the election of 1864.[14] President Andrew Johnson pardoned, commuted or rescinded the convictions of 654 people.[3] Among them are:

Ex-Confederates – a full and unconditional pardon and amnesty to all former Confederates of the rebellion on Christmas Day 1868, (earlier amnesties requiring signed oaths and excluding certain classes of people were issued by both Lincoln and Johnson).

Thanks to all that checked into the net. Special thanks to N6CIZ for use of the repeater.

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