About the LA-ERA

About Us

The Los Angeles Emergency Repeater Association (LA-ERA) is a private, independent, non-profit association dedicated to providing Amateur Radio communications infrastructure in the greater Los Angeles area to support emergency and disaster communications.

The Association consists of independent owners and trustees of Amateur Radio repeaters, users of these repeaters, and  any other person interested in supporting the goals of the Association.  All radios, repeaters, controllers, and other equipment are privately owned by individuals and are provided for the Association’s use by those individuals.

Association repeater owners and trustees have agreed to make their repeaters available to licensed Amateur Radio operators for the purpose of supporting emergency communications.  Such use may include training, nets and drills, public safety event support, government and disaster agency support, and non-commercial communication for private citizens affected by a disaster or emergency situation.


Two LA-ERA Amateur Radio repeaters provide emergency communications capability. These are OPEN repeaters and therefore are available for use by any licensed Amateur Radio Operator.

  • 147.195 MHz (+)      PL 100.0 Hz      Palos Verdes
  • 449.700 MHz (- )      PL 131.8 Hz      Mt Wilson

Control Operators may link these repeaters together during emergencies, drills, or other times.

The Los Angeles Emergency Radio Association thanks Gary Franks, W6NVY, who owns these repeaters, maintains them, pays all site fees, and allows the LA-ERA to use them.


The officers of the Association are:

  • Chairman  —  Gary Franks, W6NVY
  • Vice Chairman  —  Rich Sauer, N6CIZ
  • Director (Technical Operations)  —  Dave Lee, KW6D
  • Director (Emergency Services)  —  Pete Anderson