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Heathkit’s Amateur Radio Plans Taking Shape

Heathkit Heathkit Educational Systems hopes to reenter the Amateur Radio market by the end of 2011. Back in August, Heathkit announced its return to the kit business and actively solicited suggestions. The response from Amateur Radio operators convinced Heathkit to develop several Amateur Radio products.

Ernie Wake, director, Marketing/Sales, told the ARRL:

“When we made the announcement on our web page about a month ago we had no intention of entering the Amateur Radio kit market. The response was really overwhelming, exciting and scary. The scary part is that the brand name has so much loyalty that we don’t want to disappoint the people who have such fond memories.

“We are working on developing a few Amateur Radio kits. Initially, the kit line will include a few ‘accessories’ like kits for a Dual Watt Meter, Antenna Tuners and the Cantenna. Once we are a little more ‘settled’ I think we will develop a QRP receiver. We won’t rush to market just to get there. We want to develop a line of kits in the tradition of Heathkit. I’m hoping to have one-two kits by the end-of-the-year.”

From:  ARRL



Ham Radio Estate Sale September 17-18

Western Museum of Flight Ham Radio Estate Sale

Proceeds Benefit the Museum

HF transceivers, kw linear amplifiers, antenna rotors, control units, tuners, coax switches, kw dummy loads, kw filters, mobile mag mounts, VHF/UHF handhelds with batteries, chargers, keys and keyers, 13.8 vdc power supplies, Heathkits, test equipment including tube checkers and many, many miscellaneous items. Even a Revo “Rascal”SC-63 electric scooter like new with battery charger and manual. Most major items include accessories and manuals.
Everything must go, no reasonable offer refused. First come, first served.

Detailed Inventory Available from Chuck at

Free Parking available in museum lot on Airport Drive immediately west of Airport General Aviation Center

3315 Airport Dr.
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 326-9544

Click here for the flyer: HamRadioEstateSale


A California ham has been cited for operating mobile using a 2 meter radio installed in his car and this could become a test case to find out whether the restrictive anti-cellphone law can be used against other two-way radio users.

According to a note from Dick McKay, K6VGP, a member of the Disaster Amateur Radio Network identified as Irving Osser, KE6YR, received a ticket for using his amateur 2 meter radio in his car. According to McKay, the Los Angeles motorcycle officer stated that he saw Osser on his cell phone. KE6YR tried to show the officer the two meter radio with the coil cord microphone and said he was talking to another amateur on the radio. He also tried to show the officer the hands free system he uses on his BlackBerry and finally tried to show him the cell phone log that indicated no calls were made or received.

But the officer was not interested in hearing about any of it and it has now became a tell it to the judge matter. And here is where the possibly becoming a test case for the California law. This is because Osser is an attorney by profession and plans to represent himself in court with the proper knowledge about how to address the subject.

While California does not provide any exceptions for ham radio operators, CB’ers and other non-emergency two-way radio users, by definition, two-way radio gear is not a hand held cellular telephone. None-the-less, KE6YR will still have the burden to prove in court that what he was doing was legal and that he was in fact not using a wireless telephone as defined by law. (K6VGP)


Heathkit Returns to the Kit Business

A notice on the Heathkit website announces that the venerable kit manufacturer, well-known to all Amateur Radio operators of a certain age, will be reentering the kit business in late August. The notice states, in part: “Heathkit will debut their new line of Do-it-Yourself kits for common around-the-house items. The first kit will be a Garage Parking Assistant (GPA). The Garage Parking Assistant kit lets you build your own system that uses ultrasonic sound waves to locate your car as it enters the garage. The system signals to the driver using LED lights mounted on the wall when the car is detected and in the perfect spot for parking.

“The GPA-100 kit consists of two primary assemblies — the LED Display in kit form and the pre-assembled ultrasonic range module. The kit will include everything you need to complete the project except a soldering iron and hand tools.

“Next on the market will be a Wireless Swimming Pool Monitor kit followed by many more. Heathkit wants to continue to bring to its customers interesting, unique Heathkit products. Heathkit is interested in learning what types of products kit builders would like to build. Kit builders can submit their suggestions through this website using the Contact Us email.”

Although there’s no indication that Heathkit Educational Systems is planning to reenter the Amateur Radio market, the St Joseph, Michigan-based company is actively looking for kit suggestions.

After several decades of successful kit manufacturing, Heathkit left the kit business in 1992. Heath sold Amateur Radio equipment, at first only kits and later its own line of non-kit products, from 1954 to 1992. The company has been sold a number of times since its founding back in 1912 as an aircraft company.

HAMCON 2011- September 9, 10, 11

The 2011 ARRL Southwestern Division Amateur Radio Convention – HAMCON 2011 – will take place the weekend of September 9th, 10th and 11th at the Merriott Hotel in Torrance.

This convention is held each year in a four year cycle. The cycle is in Los Angeles County, then to the Phoenix, AZ area, next it is held in Riverside, then in San Diego, and then back to the Los Angeles area.

The Southwestern Division encompasses Southern California and all of Arizona. This is an official ARRL convention. This will be one of the biggest Conventions in Southern California you don’t want to miss.

More information can be found at the HAMCON 2011 Web Site located HERE.