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Trivia 12/13/18: Women in Tech: Evelyn Berezin


Evelyn Berezin passed away last Saturday at age 93. She was inducted in 2011 into the Women in Technology Hall of Fame. She served on the boards of several companies and as a fellow of the Computer History Museum. She was involved with many technologies you probably use regularly today. Which of the following did she NOT pioneer.

Word Processing
On-line banking
Computerized Airline ticketing
Computerized Stock Trading

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Trivia 11/29/18: Pardon me?

With the latest pleas by former associates of the President in the news lately, there has been speculation that President may simply pardon them as part of the deal. The power to pardon is granted to the President of the United States by Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution; the only limits being that pardons are limited to federal offenses, and that they cannot affect an impeachment process:


Our question for tonight is which US President has issued the most pardons?

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Trivia 10/18/18: Great Shakeout & Sports

Today is the Great California Shake Out day and many millions were involved with various earthquake safety drills & ham radio check-in’s.

The LA Dodgers are also one game away from winning the NL Series & advance to the World Series. La Brone James starts the Lakers season tonight Merging the two themes, which is the following is NOT the name of a sports team:


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Trivia Question for September 20, 2018 – F150

In the news this month, Ford is recalling 2 million F-150 pickup trucks because seat belts in them can spark and cause fires. Aside from never hearing of a seat belt sparking a fire before, it got me thinking about other recalls for the F-150.

So our question tonight is: How many current recalls are there for the F-150 pickup truck?

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Trivia Question for September 6, 2018 – Summer to Fall

As we begin the seasonal transition from Summer to Fall, the inevitable line of “Pumpkin Spiced Products” will be hitting the shelves. Please tell me from the following list, which product doesn’t exist:

Carribian Style Pumpkin Spice Salsa
Oscar Meyer Pumpkin Spice Ballona
LandoLakes Pumpkin Spice Butter
Pumpkin Spice Jello
Pumpkin Spice Moonshine
Kellogs Pumpkin Spice Frosted Mini Wheats
Pumpkin Spice Kahula

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