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Trivia Question for August 9, 2018 – Richard Nixon

It began with what was called a “third rate burglary” and ended with Richard M Nixon resigning the presidency 44 years ago today. In between a political scandal emerged that developed into a constitutional crisis which still serves as a reference point.

How much time passed from the initial Watergate burglary until Nixon resigned?

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Trivia Question for April 26, 2018 – Schools named after U.S. Presidents

Keeping with the theme of trivia concerning US Presidents, Ronald Reagan was President from 1981 – 1989. He has 15 schools named after him.

We have had four other presidents since, not including President Trump.

QUESTION: Of these other four, who has the most schools named after them.

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Trivia Question for March 8, 2018 – Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, a United Nations initative to honor women and their desire for gender parity.

One Southern California McDonalds flipped their Golden Arches upside down forming a Giant W in place of the familiar “M” in support of the day.

“Today we are flipping our iconic @McDonalds logo in honour of women everywhere. #IWD2018 … Without Women, there would be no McDonald’s.

We’re honored to be chosen by millions of women who have made us part of their stories. ”


Without using the internet or asking Siri, Alexa or any of the other digital on-line services, tell me which city in Southern California is the McDonalds with the inverted Golden Arches located?

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Trivia Question for February 8, 2018 – The Fugitive: Sam Sheppard

You may remember the 1993 film “The Fugitive” where Dr. Sam Sheppard played by Harrison Ford is chased by Tommy Lee Jones who plays a US Deputy Marshal tracking down the escaped fugitive who was unjustly convicted of killing his wife. (Jones by the way won a Golden Globe & an Oscar for that role.)

The story line was loosely based on the life of the Real Dr. Sam Sheppard who in the 1950’s was essentially tried and convicted by the media and ended up with a life sentence when tried for the crime. Later the US Supreme Court overturned the conviction citing the media circus around his trial made it impossible for him to get a fair and impartial hearing & later he was released after a second trial and a total of 10 years in prison.

A physician by trade, Sam Shepard went into a different line of work after being released from prison.

QUESTION: Which profession did he take up: A) Podiatrist, B) Radio Talk Show Host, or C: Professional Wrestler?

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