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To help locate the person or persons causing intentional interference to a W6NVY Radio System repeater.

The frequency that the interference is on is 444.060 MHz.

The repeater output is 449.060 (which is a private repeater), that is used with the Thursday Evening 449.700 MHz Net.

The interference starts (daily) at 2:30 pm or 6:00 pm and goes on until 11:00 pm. The interference contains either a weak noisy signal or a synthesized voice saying all the repeater channels I have, are not for anyone else to use. This is wrong!  I own, maintain the equipment, pay the monthly site rentals, and have (open to all) 2 meter, 6 meter, and 440 MHz repeaters in the Los Angeles and Victorville Areas.

If this (or these) person(s) can be located and stopped by either the FCC, or by a lawsuit, I will gladly pay the $500.00 Reward.

This will then allow all of us to continue to enjoy our hobby.

Any information or questions, please contact:  Rich N6CIZ, via Email:

or me via Email:


Gary, W6NVY System Trustee

Trivia Question 1/19/12 – Boxers or Briefs

Boxers or BriefsOn this day in history:  January 19th…  Today we say Happy Birthday to the underpants known as briefs.  Yes, at one time men who didn’t want to go commando had only boxer shorts or long johns to wear under their pants but then, along came briefs, also known as jockey shorts or tighty-whiteys.


The underwear we know and love as briefs we first sold on January 19th of what year?

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