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Trivia Question for April 20, 2017 – DMV and Handicap placards

In a recent audit it was found that there are 26 million registered drivers in the state of California, and of that 3 million have handicap placards.   26,000 of those placards are issued to drivers age 100 or older. Unfortunately that’s more placards than there are 100 year olds in the state.

QUESTION:  How many people are there in the state of California which are 100 years of age or older?

Trivia Question for January 12, 2017 – California Drought

QUESTION: What is the longest recorded period of drought in California history, in years please?

Trivia Question for September 17, 2015 – California Pres and Vice Pres

California Map

Yesterday, the GOP candidates met for a debate at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.  So, because politics was on the mind, tonight we have a political question for you.



How many Presidents and how many Vice Presidents were born in the state of California?


Trivia Question – August 20, 2015 – License Plates

In the state of California, automobiles are required to display a front and a rear license plate.   This isn’t true however in every state of the union.   Our question tonight, how many states only require one license plate?