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Trivia Question for December 14, 2017 – LA Emergency Repeater Net


Not including today’s check ins. How many total check in have we had on the LA Emergency repeater net for 2017?

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Trivia Question December 26th 2014 – Net Check In’s

Ham RadioWe hope everyone had a great Christmas and that Santa brought you everything you wanted.

In our end of the tradition, we ask the question:


How many different individuals have checked in to our Net during 2013?

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Trivia Question 12/27/12 – Check In’s

Check InWell, tonight is the last Net of 2012 and with that I thought I’d look back on the check-in’s for the year.  We missed two weeks so there have been 49 Nets before tonight’s in 2012.


Two-part question tonight: 1 – How many different call signs have been heard on the Net this past year (how many different people have checked in to the Net)? and 2 – How many total check in’s have there been during 2012?

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