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Trivia Question for June 19, 2014 – The Longest Day of the Year

summer solsticeBecause the Earth is tilted 23.4 degrees the noon sun appears to rise and fall in the sky over the course of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun will reach its northernmost point in the sky – known as the summer solstice – on Saturday June 21st, marking the official first day of summer.  It is also the longest day of the year.


In hours, minutes and seconds, how long is the longest day of the year?   In other words, how much time is there between sunrise and sunset here in Los Angeles on the longest day of the year?

(Remember, don’t cheat by looking up the answer. Just give us your best guess.  Also, Price is Right rules are in effect, so the person who is closest to the correct answer without going over will be the winner).

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Trivia Question 8/29/13 – Longest Filibuster

U.S. Senator Strom ThurmondOn this date in history…

On August 29, 1957, Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina set the filibuster record in the U.S. Senate.  Sen Thurmond filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1967.  In a filibuster, a senator may continue to speak indefinitely to prevent a final vote on the bill.  Some read the phone book, cite recipes  or read the Declaration of Independence.


How long did the longest Senate filibuster last?

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