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Trivia Question for December 14, 2017 – LA Emergency Repeater Net


Not including today’s check ins. How many total check in have we had on the LA Emergency repeater net for 2017?

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Trivia Question for March 3, 2016 – Space shuttle external fuel tank

On May 21st a space shuttle external fuel tank will make it’s way from Marina Del Rey all the way to the California Science Center in Exposition Park. The tank will join the Space Shuttle Endeavor, which is currently on display at the museum. How long is this journey expected to take?
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Trivia Question for May 15, 2014 – Hot! Hot!! Hot!!!

HotWell, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s been pretty darn hot here in Los Angeles the past few days with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees in downtown LA. Before it starts to cool off this weekend, I thought I’d hit you up with a hot weather question.


What was the highest recorded temperature in downtown Los Angeles?

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