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Trivia Question for August 9, 2018 – Richard Nixon

It began with what was called a “third rate burglary” and ended with Richard M Nixon resigning the presidency 44 years ago today. In between a political scandal emerged that developed into a constitutional crisis which still serves as a reference point.

How much time passed from the initial Watergate burglary until Nixon resigned?

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Trivia Question for December 7, 2017 – Presidential Fire Trivia

In light of the recent fires all around the Southland we have a bit of fire trivia tonight.

You’ll note that the Skirball fire which ignited yesterday morning along the 405 near Getty Center burned essentially in part of the same place as the Bel Air Fire 56 years ago.

Tonight’s trivia question is which US President was forced to evacuate from the Bel Air fire of 1961.

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