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Trivia Question for June 5, 2014 – Presidential Trivia

presidential sealTonight, we have United States Presidential trivia:

  • He was the first President to be born in a log cabin.
  • He was the first President to ride on a railroad train.
  • He was the first President someone tried to assassinate.
  • He was the first Governor of Florida.
  • He killed a man in a dual.


Who is this United States President?

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Trivia Question 10/17/2013 – Presidential Trivia

presidential sealWell today I tried something different and had a series of questions for the Net check-ins.  I asked a question and gave three people the opportunity to answer it correctly.  If a question was answered correctly, we moved on to another question.  If it wasn’t answered correctly after three tries, I gave the answer and asked a new question.  So… here’s the questions that got asked tonight (answers follow).


1.  Who was the first President to fly in an airplane while in office?

2.  Who was the first President to oversee all fifty states?

3.  Who was the only President to be appointed to the Supreme Court?

4.  What President was the first to visit a foreign country while in office?

5.  Who was the first President to cross the Atlantic Ocean while in office?

6.  Who was the first President to visit all 50 states?

7.  Who was the first President to attend a baseball game while in office?

8.  What President owned a cat named Tabby and a dog named Fido?

9.  What President was related to five former Presidents by blood and six by marriage?

10.  Who is the only President buried in Washington DC?

11.  How many Presidents were members of the Whig political party?

12.  Who was the first President born in a hospital?

13.  How many men who would become Presidents signed the Constitution?

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