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Trivia Question for April 26, 2018 – Schools named after U.S. Presidents

Keeping with the theme of trivia concerning US Presidents, Ronald Reagan was President from 1981 – 1989. He has 15 schools named after him.

We have had four other presidents since, not including President Trump.

QUESTION: Of these other four, who has the most schools named after them.

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Trivia Question for April 19, 2018 – U.S. Airports

With the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush and the Southwest Airlines Engine explosion in the news, I opted to merge the two subjects for our trivia question tonight.

QUESTION: How many airports in the United States have been named after U.S. Presidents?

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Trivia Question for May 11, 2017 – Which US President liked using the word “iffy”?

The phrase “Prime the Pump” recently came up as something our current president has claimed to have originated, but of course  has been with us for quite while.

Tonight’s trivia question has to do with favorite words of US Presidents.

QUESTION: Which president liked to use the word “iffy”?
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