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Trivia Question for May 18, 2017 – Unstoppable

In the movie Unstoppable about a run a away train number 777, Denzel Washington plays the locomotive engineer of train 1206. During the movie he states that his wife passed away.

QUESTION: How many years has she been gone? (more…)

Trivia Question for June 5, 2014 – Presidential Trivia

presidential sealTonight, we have United States Presidential trivia:

  • He was the first President to be born in a log cabin.
  • He was the first President to ride on a railroad train.
  • He was the first President someone tried to assassinate.
  • He was the first Governor of Florida.
  • He killed a man in a dual.


Who is this United States President?


Trivia Question for May 8, 2014 – Steam Locomotive Speed Records

Mallard Steam LocomotiveOn May 10, 1904, the steam locomotive City of Truro became the first steam engine in Europe to exceed 100 miles per hour.   The speed record for steam locomotives was set some years later.


What is the speed record for a steam locomotive (in miles per hour)?