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Trivia Question for March 8, 2018 – Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, a United Nations initative to honor women and their desire for gender parity.

One Southern California McDonalds flipped their Golden Arches upside down forming a Giant W in place of the familiar “M” in support of the day.

“Today we are flipping our iconic @McDonalds logo in honour of women everywhere. #IWD2018 http://McDonalds.com/IWD https://twitter.com/McDonaldsCorp/status/971751589781344256 … Without Women, there would be no McDonald’s.

We’re honored to be chosen by millions of women who have made us part of their stories. ”


Without using the internet or asking Siri, Alexa or any of the other digital on-line services, tell me which city in Southern California is the McDonalds with the inverted Golden Arches located?

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Trivia Question 10/11/12 – First Woman in Space to…

Astronaut Kathryn SullivanOn this date in history… October 11, 1984, aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger, NASA Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan became the first American woman to do this in space.


What did she do?

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